lory + carl | montego bay, jamaica

When we first visited with Lory and Carl, we had no idea how much fun we were going to have with this couple. Lory and Carl are two of the funniest, fun-loving, and free-spirited people you will meet. They wanted their wedding to be a weekend of fun together with their closest friends and family. They were married with their bare feet in the sand in Montego Bay, Jamaica. We had so much fun with Lory and Carl and couldn't stop laughing and celebrating with them. As much FUN as it was, Lory are Carl are also two of the sweetest people you've ever met. Anyone who knows them will tell you what good hearts they have. Thank you so much Lory and Carl! Thank you for bringing this Texas couple to meet you Yankees down in Jamaica!! It was amazing!!! 

brittany + matt | amarillo wedding photographer

When we visited about their wedding, I knew I was going to absolutely love this couple. Matt and Brittany are two of the kindest, most genuine, generous, and loving people we have worked with. Their wedding was such a perfect fit. They wanted the intimacy and authenticity of a backyard wedding and all of the fun of a family and friend-filled reception. Almost all of their wedding was hand-crafted and customized to fit, including a custom "wedding helmet" for Matt and Brittany's bike ride to the reception. By the way, isn't that the best thing you've heard of?!? I loved the way they did everything. They played a slideshow of some photos from the ceremony for their reception guests, and had a rotation of DJ's and friends who did showcases for the couple. It was such reflection of the couple that they are-just pretty amazing. Thanks you so much Matt and Brittany!!