baron + kate | tiny boxwoods, houston tx

Baron and Kate's wedding was just pretty amazing. I absolutely loved everything about their day, especially Baron and Kate themselves. Baron and kate belong together. Period. They just do. Baron and Kate's energy, enthusiasm, passion, hilarity, and ambition is absolutely contagious. Their energy affects everyone they are around, including myself! Baron and Kate were married at Tiny Boxwoods restaurant in Houston, an absolutely outstanding eaterie that Baron started. If you ever get the chance, you have to stop by and get one of Baron's famous Bison burgers, hand-made sangria, and at least one of Baron's world-famous chocolate chip cookies. Kate was a beautiful bride and her talents and energy match Baron's. It was also awesome seeing one of my best buddies and fellow photographer perform their ceremony, a brotherly duty Barrett excelled at! My favorite line, " the power vested in me from the state of Texas......and the internet....". Their wedding was amazing. Baron and Kate are amazing. Check it out!