shanette + drew | seattle destination wedding

When I first talked to Drew and Shanette about their wedding, I think I just laughed as they described their wedding. Too awesome. Here is a couple that has such a sweet love story. They decided they were going to get married on a farm outside Seattle, Washington. They wanted it to be simple, natural, and all about people. This is definitely who they are.  While I was “hanging out” all throughout college, these two were in the mission field serving others. Most of their guests flew into Seattle from all over the country, including Hawaii, where Shanette grew up. They all came because they truly love this couple. It’s so easy to see why, too. They are so good, so sweet, and so selfless. Their wedding was amazing. It rained the previous 3-4 days before the wedding and cleared up to be a sunny beautiful day in one of the prettiest parts of Washington. Just beautiful. I’m just so happy I got to part of it all and wish everyone could meet these two. They’re just amazing people. Thank you so much Drew and Shanette for letting me be part of your day!!