Luke and Emery before Ada's arrival | our little family

Okay, so I'm sure anyone who keeps up with the Williams knows I'm a bit obsessed with my sweet, sweet wife and my kiddos. If you keep up with us, you also know how terrible I am about publishing photos and doing blog posts. You probably also know I never really post much about my family. The truth is that I don't post anything! Bonnie does some when she can, thank goodness. So here I am, almost 11 weeks after Ada was born posting a few "I'm about to have a baby" pics before Ada's birth. I'm going to post a few photos from that special day when she came along as well. Based on my track record, that should be sometime before 2017. We decided to spend half an hour taking a few photos, some at the house and a few at some random place close to home. I just love my family to pieces. Emery is probably the funniest little girl I've ever been around and constantly surprises her Daddy with how smart she is. Thank goodness for marrying well! Ha! I also think she's so beautiful and Bonnie and I both treasure her droopy little eye because it is a daily reminder of the miracle that she is and what a tremendous story she has. Luke is such a little dude. He lifts his leg when he toots, does karate moves nonstop, and loves banging things together. I also think he's the cutest little guy I've ever seen. I love hanging out with him and can't wait for the first time I get to take him backpacking. He's our little dude. Sweet little Ada was on her last few days in Bonnie's belly in these pics, but she's has been such a wonderful and sweet blessing! I think God probably looked at our lives and decided it was time for a super-easy baby. That's exactly what she has been. She sleeps and eats well and smiles almost constantly. She's pretty adorable too. Bonnie. Well Bonnie is my favorite person alive. She's the best person I know. She's my rock and my best friend. She's always been a bit out of my league and I thank God constantly for her being willing to deal with my haphazard energy and passion, my family-size portion of ADD, and of course, my weird toes. I'm not sure how, but she becomes more and more beautiful every year we are married. I love my family. Thanks for tolerating a shameless family post.