eva + mike | houston engagement session

A perfect day in Houston! I happened to be in town for one of the best days of weather they've had. I feel like the entire city of Houston got out and about too! Eva and Mike are such neat people. Eva is from Austria and  and Mike is a Yankee. They are hilarious and sweet and I have so enjoyed getting to know them better. We laughed a lot, enjoyed the weather, and took some photos. I love their story and their spirit of adventure. They sold their house the day before our session and took a few "good news" calls from their realtor during our session! Eva will be doing the last of her Houston wedding planning from Abu Dhabi, which will become their new home after their wedding. For those of you that keep up with our infrequently and randomly updated blog, you know that the thing Bonnie and I love the most about photography is people. We love meeting people and developing relationships and finding cool people like Mike and Eva. What a treasure to have a profession that allows that! Thank you Mike and Eva for a great day!!