clayton + brooke | dallas wedding photographer

Brooke and Clayton are awesome and so was their wedding! Clayton was one of my students a long time ago and was part of a special group of guys I will always consider some of the best dudes I'll ever teach. I was so excited when Brooke told me who she was engaged to and so excited it be part of their big day. Clayton is two things: an Aggie and a pilot. I'm not totally sure what order that goes in. I guess that's how it goes with Aggies, right? Brooke is pretty amazing. She is so freaking hilarious, has great and unique style, and is a warm and gracious person. Their wedding was a blast! They were married at Saint Ann Catholic Church in Coppell and had a great party at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Addison. Two things you should look for: the exit and the guys' shirts. So awesome!! Thank you so much Brooke and Clayton for letting me be a part of your day!!